Bruce's Testimony

Bruce's Testimony

Bruce is a lover of Jesus Christ with a pursuit to follow the will of God. You hear the message of determination with a ‘no quit’ attitude when he ministers. His heart’s desire is to live by Matthew 22: 36-40 Loving God and Loving people.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, spending some years in Central Florida before settling in Willingboro, New Jersey in his early teens. When Bruce enlisted in the U.S.A.F. in 1976 he excelled in all he did which he gives glory to God. After 21 years he retired and moved to Missouri where he and Joy reside.

As a young man Bruce attended the Lutheran church with his parents, where they were faithful members and where his spiritual journey began. As an adult Bruce recalls his first encounter with the Lord in 1977 while living in Tampa, Florida. Stationed at MacDill Air Force Base, he was invited to a church by another airman. Due to his upbringing in church he wanted to do the same for his children. As he pursued more understanding of this church, he discovered they were against nationalistic allegiance which was against his commitment to serve in the United States Military. But continuing on to seek the Lord for his family, he was invited by his neighbors to attend their church. In their friendship he sensed something different. And on December 24th, 1978 he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, was baptized in water three days later and filled with the Holy Spirit speaking in a Heavenly tongue.

The calling into the gospel ministry was given while stationed at Kunsan Airbase, Republic of Korea. Alone in his barracks he sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit enter the room, and in an audible voice he heard, “I want you to preach” it was repeated, “I want you to preach.” For over 37 years Bruce Clegg has faithfully fulfilled this calling. Traveling the globe and ministering in many places Bruce’s compassion for others is strongly recognized when he ministers. In school, education was difficult but after accepting the Lord Bruce excelled in education with a love for learning and has earned many degrees. But what you see and hear in Bruce Clegg is the passion birthed from the heart of God.

Where He Leads Me is an old hymn which describes my journey. Romans 8:14 says that the sons of God are led by the Holy Spirit. Wherever the Holy Spirit leads me to go that is where I will go. There are specific kingdom assignments for those followers of Christ while on the earth, and I am determined to be faithful to all God has called me to do while on this journey on the earth!

May God Bless You,
Bruce Clegg