Joy's Testimony

Joy's Testimony

Joy brings a message of hope, delivered with passion and fire. Her walk portrays that no matter what hand life has dealt in the past, there is freedom. That freedom is Jesus Christ. Experiencing dark tunnels and deep valleys, that led nowhere Joy has seen those scenarios in her life turn around when Jesus is invited on the scene. He always takes that which was meant for evil and turns it for good.

Joy was raised in a Christian home with a great legacy of four generations before her walking with God. Born on a Sunday in Kansas and in church the next Sunday, this became the pattern that continued for the biggest part of her life through Tennessee, then onto Missouri. “Going to church was the structure of our home”, Joy says. “It was not an option; it was our life. And it was a good one.” Raised in a minister’s home they were great examples of Christ. But that did not put Joy in a personal relationship with Christ. Only you can make that choice and decision for yourself.

As a teen Joy saw a young girl from a mission trip in South America receive a life changing radical transformation in Christ. With a sincere heart Joy looked inside herself and did not have that experience to which, that caused sorrow. She thought how can this young girl experience that joy in an instant, that happiness and freedom in a flash, when I have been in church my whole life and do not have a relationship with the Lord like that.

Early in Joy’s 20’s she revisited that experience and had to know . . . Do I believe what I believe because it is what I have been taught? Or do I believe what I believe because it is what the Word of God says? It was evident in her life she did not have the joy of the Lord. Prayers were routine, Bible reading was boring. She believed in Jesus, she believed He died and rose from the grave. She believed He was the Son of God and was resurrected. But something was missing, there was no joy, no life. On a search in the scriptures, she had to see and believe for herself. That journey changed her life! As Joy ministers you will see the faithfulness of God is more than amazing. He is always willing to answer when you call. He will always fill and thrill a heart who is hungering and thirsting for Truth.

My goal in life is to have the Caleb spirit, from the story of Gideon in the book of Judges. “There may be giants all around, but we are well able to overcome!” As a teen on the mission field with my parents a desire ‘for more’ was birthed. As an adult the love of the Word exploded and a life of faith with a voice of praise and worship became the center of my being. I have seen tragedy to triumph, and I have found the treasure of never losing my song. I continue in my steadfast love to declare the Truth of God’s Word and its never-failing promises! There is nothing too difficult for God.

May God Bless You,
Joy Clegg

Hope & Health Now

Join us in strengthening your spiritual & physical health.

Together Bruce and Joy desire to continually grow in every area of life. In 2016 their passion to live life to the fullest was birthed when Bruce cried out to God for help. Poor health was becoming an issue and he knew he could not fulfill all God was calling him to do in the unhealthy state he was in. Health is not about a number on a scale, but the higher that number is the more at risk you are for diseases. Of course, God showed up and provided an answer for Bruce and Joy. Not only did they lose over 120 pounds together, but they became health coaches and entrepreneurs of their own thriving business and have helped multiple people take back their health. They love seeing others find health and hope.

We know God heals and sets free! It is up to us to walk in our healing. Too many times someone does not have the tools for health and education of the Word and sickness can return. We want to always be good stewards of our body, our mind, and our finances. Just the same way we are in our spirit.

Beyond hope of ever feeling or seeing a healthy body again was in the past for Bruce and Joy until they were presented an easy, convenient plan which they followed and now have a solution that most anyone can adapt in a busy lifestyle. All the glory goes to God! This is a message Bruce and Joy love to share and another way in the Kingdom of God to offer hope and health!


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