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Guest Ministry with Bruce & Joy Clegg

Guest Ministry with Bruce & Joy Clegg

How can we serve you? Are there any sick among you? Let us join with you.

Bruce and Joy have been blessed to experience God’s signs, wonders, and miracles as they have traveled across the US and abroad. Flowing in the gifts of the Spirit as they minister healing and prospering in victory for everyday living. Be assured, with an open heart, you will receive grace and mercy from the Lord. Whether it be a church of worship, a small group, a non-profit group, or any gathering big or small Bruce and Joy would love to join their faith with you and minister at your church or group gathering.   

  • Current Needs:
    Bibles, education, orphanage, women, prison, outreaches, projects for children
  • Progress Updates:

    Awakening your heart to hear the spirit of the Lord is not difficult. Seeing the eyes of those young or old enlightened to Him is lifechanging.

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