Awakening Revivals

Awakening Revivals

Awakening Revivals

Let the wind of God blow and the fire fall.

Each ministry opportunity is unique and special as Bruce and Joy wholly depend on the Holy Spirit to present life and hope to each individual need. God desires to meet you where you are. He works through miracles, signs, and wonders. He brings hope where there is hopelessness, joy where there is sorrow, peace where there is torment, freedom where there is pain. If you are wanting to host an Awaken the Nations Revival contact us to set up location, date and time. 

Any group, small or large, we are here to fellowship and be a gift to you. In God’s grace, Bruce and Joy Clegg will lead your group in opening your hearts to be fully immersed in God’s presence. We’d be honored to minister at your place of worship.

  • Current Needs:
    Monetary gifts for travel, educational supplies, and pastor support.
  • Progress Updates:

    Whether visiting house to house, in the city streets, dusty villages, or meeting in the marketplace in daily living we are bringing revival to broken lives. When you have given to the least of these you have given unto Me. Matthew 25:40

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